Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Britney, B!+¢h! And Other Winning Pumpkin Designs

The annual pumpkin carving contest is underway at the Wilshire Courtyard center in the Miracle Mile. Home to media companies such as Variety. E!, the Weinstein Co. and the production offices of "Family Guy," the creative types get a little creative with their pumpkins. Some work, while some don't. Here's most of the competitors from the 5700 Wilshire side:

The best, in my opinion: "It's Britney, B!+¢h," by the L.A. Business Journal.

"Kid Eater," by Entravision (the company that owns Indie 103.1 and several Spanish language stations).

"Slice," by the Weinstein Company.

"Rib-O-Tony," by ad agency McCann-Erickson.

Surprisingly mellow entry from the "Family Guy" guys: "Death Becomes Me."

"Scary Larry," by Variety.

"Poker Face," by the World Poker Tour (no, that's not real money, although it sure looks like it!).

UPDATE: More contenders from E! and others here.

UPDATE 2: Congrats Variety's Betsy Holmes, whose "Scary Larry" carving won "Best in Show"!

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