Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, #150 in a series

Restaurant: Sushi Ike

Location: 6051 Hollywood Blvd Ste 105 (Hollywood)

Type of restaurant: Sushi

We stipulated: Looking for a lunch spot in Hollywood, and after hearing great things about Sushi Ike -- and jonesing for some -- we decided to check it out.

They stipulated: It's in a strip mall, and parking can be a bitch.

What we ordered: Sushi included live soft shell crab, green mussel, Spanish mackrel, Japanese scallops, red snapper and (of course) Spicy Tuna rolls.

High point: The sushi is well-prepared, fresh, and much better than your average mid-priced sushi joint.

Low point: The decor isn't much -- you never quite forget that you're in a strip mall. And considering your bill will still hit the $50 or $60 range, it's too bad the dining environment isn't more pleasant.

Overall impression: I know the foodies over at Chowhound have long debated the pros and cons of Sushi Ike; I can see why. I'm torn myself. Maria enjoyed the soft shell crab, and I thought the scallops were solid... but I'm still not blown away. If everything were just a tad cheaper, I would be.

Chance we will go back: It's not on our docket in the near future... but if I need to hit a sushi spot in Hollywood, Sushi Ike will definitely be top of mind.

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