Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get To Know James M. Wood

(Flickr pic by Navid.)

Fans of L.A. city walks (something we know a thing or two about), pay attention: Sha in LA is hiking James M. Wood Blvd. (the street formerly known as 9th) this Sunday.

Writes Shannon:

JMWB has the perfect blend of residential with small mom and pop shops thrown in for good measure. The total trip distance from start to finish is just over 3 miles which by my calculations won’t take very long. Averaging a generous 30 minute mile, this will put us Downtown possibly before 2pm, depending on how many side streets we spontaneously want to investigate in addition to the regular route.

Meet up at noon at the corner of Wilshire and Western. Why? As Shannon says, "just 'cause!"

Wait, so who was James M. Wood? Check out our December 2006 post, "Know Your James Woodses."

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