Friday, February 22, 2008

Your Chance to Grill Bobby Flay. Or, At Least, Grill With Bobby Flay

Admit it, you'd like to school Bobby Flay on national TV, showing him how to truly grill. Food Network is looking for people to appear on the latest Flay enterprise, "Grill It with Bobby Flay." (Seriously, how many shows can one guy star in on the Food Network?)

According to the channel, applicants must send a 3-minute VHS tape or DVD of themselves cooking something. There are no winners or losers on the show, so don't expect some big prize. But hey, if you're a media whore like me, just being on TV is enough. Here's the address:
ATT: GRILL IT! 110 Leroy Street, New York City , NY 10014

Send those tapes in by March 15; you've gotta be 18 or older.

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