Thursday, March 6, 2008

Maria's Thursday Three

(Flickr pic by ruimin84.)

1. The Walt Disney Concert Hall Rooftop: Add this to your list of free things to do in L.A. The roof is a pleasant spot to spend some time on a weekend, as you're surrounded by beautiful trees and plants, a mosaic flower fountain and a children's amphitheater. With benches and small tables scattered around, I'm always thinking about going there with a picnic lunch.

2. The Black Apple: One of my favorite artists from Etsy is The Black Apple's Emily Martin. She captures a perfect blend of melancholy and groove in her art. Consider getting this print or this one.

3. "Lost": It was satisfying seeing Desmond make contact with Penny, despite that crazy radioactive time travel plot bend. Do Sun and Jin round out the Oceanic Six? And are Desmond and baby Aaron the seventh and eight survivors? Does evil Ben count?

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