Saturday, April 5, 2008

L.A. Times Readers to Solomon Burke: You Don't Know BBQ

How's this for strange-- L.A. Times website users approve of KISS member Paul Stanley's "Favorite Weekend" itinerary, but scoff at R&B legend Solomon Burke's list of favorite BBQ joints.

OK, let's compare: Stanley's tame list includes Pinkbery and IHOP. Seriously. When did rock die?

Burke, who lives in the West Valley, includes The Bear Pit BBQ in Mission Hills, Mom's Bar-B-Q House in Van Nuys, Dr. Hogly-Wogly's Tyler, Texas BBQ in Van Nuys and J.R.'s Bar-B-Que in Culver City -- but saves the most praise for the Prayer Assembly Church of God in Christ, also known as the "BBQ Church."

Why so much negativity over Burke's post?

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