Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Press Release of the Day: The PR Firm That Wants To Tattoo Your Neck

(Pic by JetCityOrange -- not related to this promotion).

The folks at PopCulture PR are looking for a little attention. That's why they're looking for volunteers to ink promotional tattoos on their bodies.

Clearly it's working, since we're already writing about it.

According to the firm, they're looking for dozens of volunteers to ink "Pop Culture PR Bar Codes" on body parts, to serve as "human billboards." In exchange, they earn "a little cash."

Apparently the firm has already found one L.A. man to take the tattoo. From the press release:
Popular in the 1990s, the Bar Code Tattoo remains a symbol of committment to anti-corporatism. My agency, Pop Culture PR, decided to flip the bill (undisclosed $ amount) to have a Los Angeles-area man tattoo a Pop Culture PR Bar Code on the side of his neck ...

We're looking for more people to take up our offer. Those interested should apply directly to and they should explain why they deserve to be a Human Billboard.

Is this real? We're a few weeks out from April Fool's Day, but who knows. If it is real, I'm not quite sure how tattooing a PR firm's logo on your neck equals "anti-corporatism," but hey, if he wanted "a little cash," I guess that's his decision.

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Barry said...

One guy! And you wrote about it. Effective PR? I think not.