Friday, June 20, 2008

Father's Day at Philippe's

I've been hungry for a Philippes dip sandwich for what feels like months, but it's been a while since we've made our way to the legendary downtown eatery.

Then came Father's Day. Said Maria: "I know where you want to go!"

I was torn: Hungry for a dip, but I've never tried the almost-as-famous Philippe's breakfast. I decided I could still grab a sandwich, and decided to try the breakfast combo special.

Philippe's for breakfast

Two slices of french toast, dipped in their cinnamon egg batter. Eggs any way (for me, scrambled). Bacon or sausage (went with the sausage). Fresh squeezed OJ. And for five cents more, coffee.

Maria, meanwhile, was hungry for corned beef hash (plus eggs and biscuits), while Kid Formerly Known As Blogger Toddler was happy with a short stack of pancakes.

Our plates

The french toast was fantastic. Eggs and sausage, pretty pedestrian. Pancakes? Nice and fluffy. And Maria enjoyed her hash. On balance, decent.

Coffee and biscuits

What wasn't decent, of course, was the wait. As you know, Philippe's is counter service only -- and when the lines are long, you can wait and wait. And that's when they're making sandwiches. Imagine them filling hundreds of breakfast orders -- the wait was crazy. We stood in line for an hour. An hour. Very few things are worth an hour in line -- nope, not Pink's. And not Philippe's breakfast.

But to be fair, it was Father's Day. And I overheard one of the workers tell a customer, "Yeah, Father's Day is our busiest breakfast of the year. Mother's Day, this place is empty. Guess people like their fathers better!"

Hmm. I'm guessing people are spending a bit more than $6 -- plus a nickel for coffee -- on their moms.

That all said, I'll definitely be back for more french toast -- and those oh-so-fluffy pancakes. But next time, we'll get there early.

The crowd

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