Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Odds and Ends

:: I find myself obsessed lately with this catchy tune from 2005, Nizlopi's "JCB Song." A big hit in the U.K., it never crossed over to this side of the pond, and I just discovered it on an import compilation I recently bought.

Of course, so much of why I like it has to do with being the dad of a 3 year old. Everytime I hear this song I want to go grab the Kid Formerly Known As Blogger Toddler and do something fun with him -- so it's a good thing.

(Photo: Gina Lee)

:: Since we're kind of on the father tip here, you may have already visited the blog Matt, Liz and Madeline. But in case you haven't, it's a heartbreaking yet superbly written ongoing journal of a local Yahoo! staffer who's chroncling his life as a new dad adjusting to a new world without his wife, who passed away the day after their daughter was born. Matt and Madeline appear to live close by (Atwater Village or Glassell Park, it seems) -- local faves like Swork coffee are frequently mentioned.

:: Now on to another topic entirely: Radio. Congrats to Mimi Chen, most recently a colleague at KCSN, for scoring a sweet new gig: A DJ post at the new 100.3 The Sound. Mimi's no stranger to the AAA format, having been a DJ at the late, lamented 101.9 KSCA "L.A.'s Finest Rock."

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