Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 110/5 Freeway Interchange: Now More Dangerous

(Flickr pic by Popvulture.)

There aren't many freeway interchanges that are more nervewracking then the northbound 110 switchover to the northbound 5. It's usually touch and go up the 110, and it's always a gamble to decide when to merge into the far left lane. Too soon, and you're stuck in the slow line to the 5. Wait too long, and you might miss the turn.

In the past, my strategy was simple: Continue in the middle lane until you saw the flashing lights, warning drivers to slow to 30 mph while turning onto the 5. Once I saw those lights, I knew it was time to make my way over. Kinda uncool, I know. But I wasn't big on the alternative -- creeping along the left-hand lane from downtown.

The lights, however, have stopped flashing in recent weeks. The first time, I almost missed the transition -- but luckily, noticed the lack of lights just in time. Someone else isn't going to be as lucky.

(Flickr pic by Cpomeara.)

Above, viewing the transition while facing South. What would you say is the most dangerous freeway transition in L.A.?

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