Thursday, September 11, 2008

Berd's High-Wire Act Returns

Remember Berd (also known as Browne, also known as 4eightyone), the artist who was somehow hanging birds on wires all over town?

Looks like he's back with a new design. Check out the variation of the hanging bird above -- this time, it's actually a capital "B" hanging from a wire near the Beverly Center.

Berd's hanging birds have intrigued Angelenos all over the city. The LA Weekly caught up with Browne/Berd in 2007:

Browne hand cuts the Berds out of wood — nice wood, new wood, big sheets of Home Depot plywood, lest his Berds be sullied by the errant spots or slivers found in skanky scrap. He primes 'em, stencils 'em and ties 'em with a thick twine to a combination padlock. All told, he's shelling out two dollars a Berd, not including labor and love. He launches them over power lines at various intersections — big intersections, important intersections, populated, well-traversed intersections, where they dangle and spin above our congested city, beckoning us to look upward. The kinetic component is but an accident that continues to grate on the young artist's fragile nerves.

And here's a shot of one from 2006:

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