Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Los Angeles Forgets Its Own Birthday

Every year around the anniversary of Los Angeles' Sept. 4, 1781, founding, a group of die-hard Angelenos and descendants of the city's original residents reenact the nine-mile hike that L.A.'s 44 pobladores (settlers) took from the San Gabriel Mission to El Rio de Nuestra Se├▒ora La Reina de Los Angeles de Porci├║ncula.

Here we were, all set to finally take part in the Los Pobladores Walk this year. But it was too late to register by mail, so I took the advice of the flyer and checked out L.A.'s 227th anniversary birthday page at www.lacity.org/227. Nothing.

No one bothered to upload the page, despite the city referencing it in its brochure. Strangely, the city's 226th birthday website -- www.lacity.org/226 -- is still up there.

I hope they get their act together by 2009... or at least I get my act together and mail in a form.

POSTSCRIPT: I can't be too laudatory about last year's 226th birthday site. Check out how the city spells its own name:

Yep, "City of Angles." Go L.A.!

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