Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rating the 99 Cents Only Wine

You may remember, a few months ago we discovered a whole wall of 99 cent wine at the 99 Cents Only store in Bellflower.

The 99 Cents Only Chef, Billy Vasquez, went a step further. He recently found a even bigger stash of 99 Cents (er, make that 99.99 Cents) wine, all white (which seems to work better at the 99 Cent level). He recently held a wine tasting at a Pasadena blogger get together:

The Chef struck white liquid gold at his local 99.99c only Store yesterday; an abundance of wine "Deals of the Day". There are 5 different white wines to choose from right now -- Reviewed white wines are: Yelcho, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc - Queen of Hearts, Los Alamos Chardonnay - Linden Estates, North Coast Chardonnay - Thirsty Fish, Central Coast Chardonnay.

Click the link to watch the video and see how the tasting went.

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