Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Search of L.A.'s Best Nog

(Flickr pic by Santos.)

'Tis the season for Egg Nog, and over at Metblogs L.A., Will Campbell reminds us that there's no contest: Broguiere's, in the glass bottle, is beyond compare.

One problem: Will searched high and wide the other day for a bottle... and came up empty handed. It was then that he became a man on a mission:

I’m telling you, once you’ve sampled the best, a waste of time and taste are the rest.

But check it: I’m through biking/driving/crying around town on such a futile and frustrating search for the sought-after chalices of the famed elixir. So don’t tell call me an idiot for not hitting the Super King in Glassell Park or the Gelson’s in Sherman Oaks or the Bristol Farms/Whole Foods wherever they are...

Give up? Oh hell no: I’m goin’ proactive. I’m going pilgrim. I’m going to Montebello. Because it is nothing less than a bonus for all of us in the greater Los Angeles area that Broguiere’s is within reach. That’s right, the very dairy wherein the nog-of-all-nogs is lovingly extracted by magic velvet elves directly from sacred singing cows into hand-sculpted buckets of ice imported in blocks directly from the North Pole before being poured into bottles of polished crystal for distribution* is in our midst. Your mileage may vary but according to The Google, Broguiere’s Farm Fresh Dairy is 12.7 miles from my front door to their portal of deliciousnessishness.

It's worth the trip, Will says.

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