Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Proposal: The Johnies 99 Cents Only Diner

(Flickr pic by Usonian.)

Our recent post on the film "Miracle Mile" got me to thinking more about the Johnie's site at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax (where a chunk of the movie was set).

Johnie's -- one of the best surviving examples of Googie architecture in L.A. proper -- hasn't operated as a diner since the start of the decade. But it's still a well-known Wilshire landmark, and remains popular for film shoots. The 99 Cents Only company owns the site (and currently uses Johnie's parking lot for that 99 Cents Only store location next door, which is rumored to be the company's highest grossing outlet).

So here's an idea: Why not turn reopen Johnie's with a theme -- Make it the 99 Cents Only diner.

Keep the sign and the architecture, obviously (although the building is in dire need of repairs, having been neglected for the past 8 years). Maybe hire the 99 Cent Chef to put together the menu, or dig into the 99 Cents Only cookbook. Perhaps open the restaurant for a limited period to test the concept.

Probably not a good idea to open a restaurant right now.. but hey, given where the economy's going, perhaps a Johnie's 99 Cents Only eatery would be a hit.

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