Friday, December 12, 2008

Retro Friday: "Miracle Mile"

As Will mentioned below in the Variety sign post, our new offices here at 5900 Wilshire play a big part in the 1988 cult classic thriller "Miracle Mile."

Plot aside, I just love watching these clips to get a glimpse of the Mid-Wilshire area 20 years ago. Check out Johnie's in full, light bulb glory -- complete with the old Johnie's Fat Boy sign (whatever happened to that?). There's the old May Co. building at Fairfax and Wilshire -- now a part of LACMA -- back when it was still operating as a department store. Check out the boarded-up Pan-Pacific Auditorium, before its mysterious destruction by fire.

And then there's the 5900 Wilshire building, here in its days as the Mutual Benefit Life building.

Meanwhile, speaking of the Pan-Pacific, here's a home video of the structure, taken in 1987 by Dean Mardon:

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