Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #195: Pann's

Restaurant: Pann's

Location: 6710 LaTijera Blvd. (Ladera Heights)

Type of restaurant: Diner

We stipulated: After a quick trip to see my family -- and celebrate my Dad's 60th -- I flew back into LAX on the Monday morning following Christmas. Maria and Blogger Preschooler were there to pick me up -- and our thoughts immediately turned to a late breakfast. I've been wanting to try Pann's for years -- having passed by it on past trips to the airport. I pushed hard -- but it didn't take much to convince the BP, once I mentioned pancakes.

They stipulated: Besides its Googie architecture, Pann's is known for its biscuits. Baked fresh every 15 minutes, the biscuits -- named the best in L.A. last year by Los Angeles Magazine -- are popular enough that Pann's is starting to sell them throughout the day.

What we ordered: Fried chicken wings (4) with biscuits, $9.95; "Good Morning Special": Two Extra Large Fresh Ranch Eggs, with three bacon strips and biscuits, $8.15; kids' pancakes.

High point: The biscuits were, indeed, pretty damn good. The people -- both the employees and the other patrons -- were friendly. And the Googie style building cool inside.

Low point: The place was so packed -- it was the holiday week, after all -- that we settled for the covered patio seating. So we didn't quite get the full experience.

Overall impression: When it comes to classic diners, this is the real deal. It's not cheesy, or living in the past. It's a living, breathing diner with a large menu and an active clientele. That's exciting.

Chance we'll go back: We don't make it out to that part of town too often, so there'd have to be a reason. Future LAX run?

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