Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Streets of Santa Monica

Local blog L.A. Stories is getting ambitious, launching a new web project to document every street in Santa Monica. They're currently in the "A"s.

The blog's Don tackles Airport Avenue:

From one corner of Santa Monica to the other, the next stop on my tour of Santa Monica is Airport Avenue which runs along the southern edge of the city separating the airport from Mar Vista. I had expected it to be a rather dull walk, after all, Google Satellite view showed a wasteland of industrial-looking buildings.

But reality turned out to be a bit more interesting. There was a rather tacky faux castle house overlooking the airport on the Mar Vista hill, but also the infamous Santa Monica dog park (out of town dogs must pay for the privilege of cavorting off-leash).

I'm guessing this may be a project that takes a while to complete...

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