Thursday, May 28, 2009

Death By Hot Dog

The folks over at Metblogs L.A. are trying to kill you.

Clearly that's the goal behind the Hot Dog Deathmarch. The event, held June 13, will take you to three of L.A.'s gut-busting hot dog emporiums: Pink's, Oki-Dog and Skooby's.

Pink's, no problem. Pink's and Oki-Dog? Send in the Pepto. Pink's, Oki-Dog and Skooby's? Send in the medics.

They won't actually be marching from place to place -- although, I think that's not a bad idea. Perhaps we oughta merge this with the Great Los Angeles Walk.

Here are some details:
Who will win this weenie smackdown?! Certainly not YOU, after you’ve had three hot dogs in as many hours. But you’re all winners in our eyes, so it’s ok.

Our destinations are Pink’s, Oki-Dog, and Skooby’s. Yes, there are many other great wieners in Los Angeles (har har har). We think these three are enough for one afternoon.

No, we will not really be MARCHING. That’s crazy talk. We will all meet up at each successive location at a pre-determined time, flash-mob style.

Do you have the guts?! Do you want the glory?! Throw the Pepto in your holster, fling caution & your cholesterol to the wind, and join us! Once more into the bratwurst breach!

The date: Saturday June 13
The time: 3pm - time of death
The progression: Meet at Pink’s, then Oki-dog, Skooby’s, emergency room
The fun: contests, prizes, acid reflux
The why: WHY NOT? Don’t answer that.

You may recall, we visited Oki-Dog and lived to tell the tale of the infamous Pastrami Burrito during the 2007 Great Los Angeles Walk down Pico.

For those about to Hot Dog March, we salute you.

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