Monday, June 1, 2009

Conan Comes to Los Angeles: Will Ferrell's Advice on Things to Do in Los Angeles

From tonight's first-ever "Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien": Guest Will Ferrell gives Conan a few tips on things to do in L.A. as he gets situated in his new city:

"Every Sunday you can drive your car on the tarmac at LAX. Theres a little hole in the fence right there at Lincoln and Sepulveda, and a lot of people have picnics out there. It’s educational.

"There's a great little burger joint, it’s a bit of a haul, it’s in South Pasadena, it’s called Burger King. It’s worth the drive, my friend.

"Don’t know if you’ve met an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department yet. They’re extremely kind and courteous. You’re allowed to borrow their gun for a day. You can go up to any police officer, and they’ll resist at first, but it’s the law.

"Another fun thing to do is dress up as a ninja and drink a bottle of Midori and just do a little Peeping Tom action. That has nothing to do with L.A., but it’s just fun."

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