Monday, October 26, 2009

Memo To The Mayor: We're Not In Los Angeles Anymore

OK, I get it, Mayor V is using the generic version of "L.A." to describe the region, not just the city limits:

I'm at the U2/Black Eye Peas concert with Lu and the world is watching. I love L.A. :)

But c'mon. Fine, attend the U2 concert (along with them "Black Eye Peas") -- but the Rose Bowl is in Pasadena. I'm pretty sure the mayor knows that. So tossing in a "I love L.A." while not really enjoying an event in L.A. seems kinda wrong -- at least for the mayor of Los Angeles.

BTW, this very well may have been the Mayor's first Tweet to mention Lu Parker (the KTLA reporter who he's now dating). I went back almost three months, and never saw her mentioned before Sunday night. Hmm, a sign of bigger things to come?

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