Monday, January 25, 2010

Riding the Rails: The Gold Line's Eastside Extension

A few weeks ago, the Franklin Avenue Foursome (yes, including the baby) finally took the full tour of the Metro Gold Line's newly opened Eastside extension. (Hey look -- an actual correct "Eastside" reference!)

The line now continues after Union Station -- past Little Tokyo and on to Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles.

We took a pit stop at Mariachi Plaza to walk around and have a late lunch at La Serenata de Garibaldi; then, it was back on the train, and all the way to Atlantic -- the final stop, in East Los Angeles -- and then back.

A few sights along the way:

Mariachi Plaza

Entrance to the Mariachi Plaza subway stop.

Turnstiles line up at the train stop.

The Gold Line subway tunnel

La Serenata -- possibly the best-known and revered restaurant on the Gold Line in East L.A.

My favorite part of this mural, of course, is the skeleton's moustache.

Jim's in Boyle Heights

Here comes the train... at the underground Mariachi Plaza stop.

Art at the Indiana stop

East L.A. Civic Center stop

All aboard the Gold Line!

Sunset from a Gold Line stop

24-hour King Taco

I love this Metro house ad -- but wish it included one more scene: The moment where the tagger beats the crap out of the tipster, having spotted him making an anonymous call.

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