Monday, May 10, 2010

Construction Gets Underway at the Soon-To-Be-Expanded Trader Joe's

The long-awaited Trader Joe's Silver Lake expansion is finally underway. With the Video Hut closing up shop at the end of last year, TJ's is tearing down the wall between the two separate businesses... and in a few months we'll finally have a less-cramped, more easy-to-navigate Trader Joe's (or at least, we should hope).

This expansion will bring the Silver Lake location closer in size to newer locations like the one at Sunset and Crescent Heights or in Culver City. (Or the one we visited in San Francisco -- have you seen the size of that one?? Jealous.) Hopefully the larger store will boast wider aisles, a bit more goods and a larger sample station. What it won't have is more parking... but that's the charm of the Silver Lake location -- right? Right? Hmm.

Hmm, looks like I could have walked in with a pencil and added a few ideas of my own to the plans.

Hope there's no rain in the forecast: A skylight on the roof is right now completely open.

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