Friday, January 17, 2014

Press Releases of the Day: What's a "Thut"?

Press Release of the Day

I don't know who Dr. William Bruno is, but the plastic surgeon's publicist is keeping busy. Not one, but two pitches landed in my email today. Here's the first (above):
I would like to introduce you to our new plastic surgeon, Dr. William Bruno from Beverly Hills, CA. This story came out today about a suspicious change in Kendall Jenner's nose and he is available to comment on the story. The link to the articles and some photos are below, and his bio is at the bottom. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to interview Dr. Bruno, thanks!

And here's the second:

Press Release of the Day

Baby Got Back!
Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. William Bruno Introduces the “Thut Makeover”

January 17, 2014 (Beverly Hills, CA) – Celebrities like Jessica Alba and model Gisele Bundchen are used to being admired for their beauty and fashion style. But lately, it’s not their red carpet looks women are coveting - it’s their toned derrière.

“Women’s body image trends are always shifting and evolving,” says Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Bruno. “A few years ago, women wanted a more fuller, curvier backside like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashain. Today, women are asking for a bum like Pippa Middleton – a more sculpted and defined butt.”

Introducing the “Thut Makeover”

The newest buzz-worthy craze to hit popularity seems to focus on the area between your upper thigh and butt – aka “the thut.” According to Dr. Bruno, more women are losing definition in this area due to a sedentary desk-to-couch lifestyle. There are a few different ways to achieve a sought-after Thut Makeover, including specialized exercises that target the area, and a regulated, nutritional diet. However, there are options when exercise and diet don’t work. According to Dr. Bruno, procedures such as lipo and less invasive procedures such as the Cellulaze are effective ways for patients who are seeking to improve their backside.

“To achieve a toned and defined butt, I recommend a combination of liposuction of the posterior (back) of the thigh, with fat transfer to the buttock,” says Dr. Bruno. “To visually improve the appearance of cellulite on your butt or upper thigh, I also recommend Cellulaze. Clinical studies have shown that treatment with Cellulaze can increase skin elasticity and improve the appearance of cellulite."
Got it.

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Anonymous said...

I believe its just the lighting on the photos of Kendall Jenner- That red carpet light blew out her features.