Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #317: BaoHaus (New York)


Restaurant: BaoHaus

Location: 238 E 14th St @ 2nd Ave (New York)

Type of restaurant: Taiwanese Street Food f

We stipulated: For my last night in New York, I was alone, wandering the streets of Manhattan, looking for something quick but tasty to grab (and a place to eat it while the rain poured outside). I poked around the Internet and stumbled across BaoHaus -- then realized this was Eddie Huang's place. I had just spent the week talking about how ABC's new comedy "Fresh Off The Boat" -- inspired by Eddie's real life -- was one of the new shows I was looking forward to the most. It just seemed like the perfect way to end upfront week.

They stipulated: "Eddie and Evan Huang opened Baohaus on Christmas Eve 2009 on 137 Rivington St. in New York's Lower East Side. The original menu consisted of the Chairman Bao, Haus Bao, and Uncle Jesse along with Bao Fries, Boiled Peanuts and Taiwanese Sodas. With that minimal menu, a Dipset/Clipse/Ghostface heavy sound track, and dreams of elevating Gua Bao from Flushing to Front St, the brothers tore down every thing people knew about Taiwanese-Chinese food and rebuilt it from the ground up."


What we ordered: Birdhaus Bao (All Natural Fried Chicken Brined 24 hours and served with Haus Seasoning Salt, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and Taiwanese red sugar; $3.50); Chairman Bao (Braised All Natural Berkshire Pork Belly Served with: crushed peanut, cilantro, Haus Relish, and Taiwanese red sugar; $4); Taro Fries (Fresh taro root hand cut and seasoned with our Haus spices then served with Haus sauce; $3.50)


High point:  The bao is great, but I'll be dreaming the most about those taro fries and the tangy sauce that accompanies it.


Low point: It's not a big space -- so you're fighting for a seat to eat. Luckily, I was there during a massive rainstorm, so the crowd was light and I could take my time.

Overall impression: If you're looking for a delicious quick bite in the Union Square area, BaoHaus can't be beat.


Will we return: Absolutely. And I'll also be watching "Fresh Off the Boat."

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