Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The 8 p.m. Essential Workers/First Responders Tribute

In our neighborhood, we now know exactly when the clock strikes 8 p.m. — the cheers, the gongs, the claps, the horns, the whistles, the drums and more. It's a lift-me-up, practiced all over the world, that our part of town has fully embraced. And because we live at the base of a hill, the sounds echo all around, providing a true nightly celebration. In honor of the essential workers, the first responders, and honestly, everyone just getting through the day in these uncertain times, it's a joy to hear every night.

Most evenings, we listen from home. But on a recent night, we climbed to the top of the hill, with noise makers in hand, to join in the celebration. The blogger kids felt a bit self-conscious about it, but I think they secretly, ultimately, enjoyed the pomp and circumstance. Two months into quarantine, it's sometimes the little things that can keep spirits up.

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