Sunday, June 28, 2020

Social Distance Road Trip: An Escape to the Beach in Malibu

The hope this year was a return visit to Hawai'i, and we probably would have been heading there this weekend. But then, alas, COVID got in the way. So instead, we drove to Malibu and found a less crowded part of the beach to enjoy the outdoors. The water was cold, alas, so it's definitely not Hawai'i. But the Blogger Kid 2.0 and I still waded in it for quite a while. And both kids (above and below) had fun chasing the waves and making various sand creations.

The big highlight, however, was the dolphins. We saw an entire school of them, and they put on a show for us — leaping out of the water, swimming through waves, going back and forth. Definitely made the $15 parking worth the price of admission. It was hard to capture the dolphins in photos, but you may see a few in the ones below.

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