Sunday, January 31, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #400: Yess Aquatic (Downtown Los Angeles)

Restaurant: Yess Aquatic

Location: 7th and Mateo (Downtown Los Angeles)

Type of restaurant: Seafood

We stipulated:
Maria and I continue "New Food Sundays," inspired by the Los Angeles Times' latest 101 Restaurants special issue. Yess Aquatic's freshly-caught seafood sandwiches sounded like a nice Sunday lunch
They stipulated: "We are an experimental sea food truck The name of our truck is YESS AQUATIC. Chef JUNYA YAMASAKI and Team YESS will be focusing on carefully sourced SoCal fish. We will serve fresh food and drinks under the theme of casual food using local ingredients. We are waiting on the completion of our restaurant in the Arts District DTLA. It has been delayed because of the pandemic, so we've decided to open a food truck. Our intention is to use this difficult period to begin to cook for the community."

What we ordered
: Ridgeback prawn sandwich (Bánh mì Style - Ridgeback Prawn, Pâté, Sambal, Pickled Daikon/Carrot, Cucumber/Cilantro, $14); Fish katsu sandwich (Fish Katsu, Nori, Tartar sauce, $13)

High point:
You can indeed tell the difference with fresh fish, and these sandwiches were absolutely delicious. 

Low point: I spent a good half hour trying to find their truck, as they had moved locations but hadn't made it clear — every notice I got via email and text still highlighted the old location. Don't trust GPS, make sure you drive around (I almost gave up!)

Overall impression:
I can't wait for Yess Aquatic to open its brick-and-mortar location; if the truck is any indication, we're in for a great food experience. Loved the extra touch of the Yess Aquatic outfits — it really was straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.

Will we return:  Yes!

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