Sunday, April 4, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #407: The Donut Hole (La Puente)

: The Donut Hole

Location: 15300 Amar Rd (La Puente)

Type of restaurant:

We stipulated: There are landmarks in Southern California that I still can't believe we've never visited. I'd seen photos of The Donut Hole through the years, but had never visited. In search of a fun, quick Sunday morning adventure, I figured it was time to take the family out for some donuts.

They stipulated:
Per Wikipedia: "An example of programmatic architecture, the building is shaped like two giant donuts through which customers drive to place their orders. The bakery is one of the most photographed donut shops in the United States."

What we ordered
: Various donuts including a strawberry; glazed cronut; maple bar; and froot loops covered.

High point:
These were good donuts. Happy to see the taste and quality of the donuts be worth the drive, beyond just the architecture.

Overall impression:
That was a fun mini-adventure. I hope they keep The Donut Hole alive forever. (Perhaps time for a new paint job.)

Will we return:
  Definitely a place to visit again, especially with out-of-town guests.

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