Monday, April 12, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #408: Cluck & Blaze (Glendale)

Restaurant: Cluck & Blaze

Location: 4000 San Fernando Rd. (Glendale)

Type of restaurant:
 Hot chicken sandwiches

We stipulated:
Time to resume new food Sunday! There are no shortage of hot chicken joints, but I had read good things about their Long Beach location -- from people excited to see them open in Glendale. Time to check it out!

They stipulated:
Something called "comeback sauce" is their signature condiment. Heat levels range: Chicken (No Heat); You Can Do Better (Mild); Better (Medium); Feel it Twice (Hot); Call Mom (Extra Hot) and Call The Morgue (Death).

What we ordered
: The Main Chick -- Hot (Breast Fillet, Coleslaw, Pickles and our signature Comeback Sauce; $11); The Main Chick Combo - Medium (The Main Chick + 1 Side + 1 Beverage; $13.99); Cluckin' Mac - Medium (Chicken tender, bed of fries, creamy cheesy Mac N' Cheese, and spice; $7).
High point:
Nice spice and HUGE sandwich!

Low point
: None that comes to mind.

Overall impression:
Add it to the list of solid hot chicken slingers in the area.

Will we return:
  Sure, although I may try the smaller "side chick" sandwich, at $6, next time.

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