Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Socially Distanced Road Trip: Weekend Central Coast Getaway in Nipomo


For Evan's spring break, we decided to pull off our first family overnight getaway in more than a year. After doing research on various possibilities, Maria found a bed and breakfast in the town of Nipomo.  The Kaleidoscope Inn and Gardens is a beautiful, historic Victorian home built in the 1800s and now a venue for weddings and events — or long weekends for guests like us.

What we liked about Nipomo was also its seclusion. It's not a big town, and although close to the 101, not crowded with people. We could walk around and explore, with our masks on, without feeling unsafe.
And what we found was some great nature at Oso Flaco, a park filled with a lake, sand dunes, and a long bridge leading you eventually to the beach and the ocean.

Nipomo is not a dining mecca, but did have some fun places to stop and eat, including the unique The Mayor's Place.

Of course, the B&B was dog-friendly, good enough for Jacks...

Who also enjoyed his view from the front of the surrey we rented in Pismo Beach.

Speaking of Pismo Beach, you can't see it here, but the streets were FILLED with people for spring break. Some masked, some not so much. We rode the other direction, away from them, and quickly left the town after our hour in the surrey was up.

Perhaps the highlight was the impromptu wine and cheese picnic we created in the backyard of the Kaleidoscope, featuring goodies we picked up at Trader Joe's.

A high recommendation. In fact, Maria's brother and his wife wound up here the following week and they, too, approve.

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