Saturday, June 12, 2021

Rockaway Records Won't Be Reopening as a Regular Store

Ugh. This one hurts. I have spent many hours digging through the vinyl and CD collections at Rockaway. It was always my favorite place to shop, and I would forever leave with a few gems. That is no more. The shop writes on its website:

“After 40+ years as an all-around record shop, we’re now an appointment-only showroom focused mostly on rare and collectible music memorabilia, vinyl, CDs. Our CD selection is now mostly limited to hard-to-find titles and rarities. We no longer carry Blu-rays or DVDs. We will have occasional no-appointment popup sales.”

There's a bit of solace in being able to still show up and shop at a popup sale, but I sense the offerings will be different, and not nearly as plentiful. Rockaway was also a great place to pick up a used CD at a good price. This is hugely disappointing, and another end of an era for Los Angeles record shopping.

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