Tuesday, August 17, 2021

School Resumes, Back in Person

 After a year of mostly remote education, the kids are heading back to class this week -- and now that the Blogger Kid is in the 7th grade, he'll be back at the same school and with the same schedule as the Blogger Teen (11th grade)! Nathan has his first vax shot, having just turned 12, and Evan is fully vaccinated. They're wearing masks all day, weekly COVID tests are required, and the school is very conscious of safety.  Of course, on day one, the line snaked down the block as it took time to check everyone's negative test. I'm sure things will move better through the week, but it was a bit chaotic as expected in day one. Nonetheless, the kids eventually got to class, and the day was a success. There's a big difference in having them back in class -- both for them and for us!

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