Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Lotus Festival Without the Lotus

The annual Lotus Festival took place this weekend in Echo Park, and we were there with Blogger Baby. Sadly, the freaky weather this winter wasn't kind to Echo Park Lake's lotus plants, which hadn't yet bloomed. Here's how it looked a year ago, when Evan and I also took in the event:

The annual event celebrates the giant pink flowers that emerge every summer from the lotus bed in the northwest corner of Echo Park. According to the park's history, no one knows who initially planted the lotus -- legend has it that they were planted by missionaries from the nearby Angelus Temple after returning from work in China.

This year, despite the heat and the lack of Lotus flowers, the crowds still crammed the park and even seemed larger than last year. Attendees took in live music, various food and craft booths, all celebrating L.A.'s various Asian cultures. This year the focus was on the Philippines.

We also caught a glimpse of the festival's famous Dragon Boat races, although we came too late to cheer on our pals at Blogging LA. The Blogging LA crew, along with Mack from LA Voice and Sha in LA, raced on Saturday, and managed to do their blog proud, beating all other media organizations (although not taking home the ultimate prize).

More shots from Saturday:

The lake's ducks

The festival main stage

More from the festival

Previously on Franklin Avenue: Lotus Lowdown (July 2005)

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