Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kim Amidon replaces Brian McKnight at 94.7 "The Wave"

Take that, KOST.

Radio personality Kim Amidon is back in weekday morning drive. The host has been paired with longtime morning drive DJ Pat Prescott on 94.7 KTWV-FM ("The Wave"), where she begins on Monday.

Amidon replaces recording artist Brian McKnight, who had been co-hosting with Prescott.

Amidon has been guesting on KTWV's weekend schedule since February. Amidon and Prescott host weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. -- against competition including KOST and her longtime radio partner (22 years) Mark Wallengren.

The move comes as Kim's former KOST boss, Jhani Kaye (who has more recently overseen KRTH "K-Earth"), added oversight of "The Wave" to his duties.

More info:

In making the announcement, KTWV program director Jhani Kaye called Amidon one of the most relatable personalities in the industry. “Kim is a perfect fit for The Wave’s audience and is sure to attract many of her former listeners. Together Pat and Kim will add a local flavor to the show as they both have the unique ability of making every listener feel like they’re in the car right alongside with them.”

Current morning show co-host Brain McKnight will continue to periodically appear on the program and will contribute to other Wave projects and events. McKnight is an accomplished R&B recoding artist and also hosts a self-titled television talk show.

Amidon was raised in Southern California. In addition to her legendary run at KOST she has worked for L.A. stations KRTH, KHJ, KUTE, KACE and KOLA. She has a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has won several major broadcasting awards during her career.

Here's what we wrote in 2007 when KOST, in a cost-cutting move, let go of Amidon.

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