Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Los Angeles Cameo: The Real High School on "Glee"

Fox's "Glee" takes place at the fictional McKinley High in Ohio. But Los Angeles viewers watching Tuesday night's season two premiere may have been thrown off by a familiar school doubling for McKinley.

As anyone who as driven down Sunset near the Hollywood freeway -- or has taken the Wilton shortcut -- might have noticed, the "Glee" kids were singing and dancing on the campus of Hollywood's Helen Bernstein High School.

And how's this for coincidence (or perhaps not, if "Glee's" location scout has a sense of history?): Helen Bernstein High was built on the land once inhabited by the Fox Television Center. That's right, those "Glee" kids were performing "Empire State of Mind" on the same spot where Fox's early days were mapped out. (Before its stint as the Fox TV Center, the site was Metromedia Square -- where some of Norman Lear's most memorable sitcoms were produced).

Bernstein High opened up in 2008. "Glee" has used the school a few times -- but it's never been as noticeable as in this week's episode.

Here are a few more shots from the episode:

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