Friday, December 10, 2010

UPDATE: Yep, That Was the New 'Spiderman' Movie We Caught Shooting

You remember this movie shoot at Wilshire's classic Immanuel Presbyterian church, which we drove by on Wednesday.

We figured it was too hefty a production to be a normal TV shoot. And we were right. Thanks to Franklin Avenue readers, we can confirm that it was indeed an early location shoot for the new "Spiderman" movie. (Check out more pics of Emma Stone out on the steps here.)

(Photo via Zimbio.)

Writes reader jayrunner in the comments:

we saw that from the building across the way! lot's of fake rain!

says emma stone said spiderman was going to start filiming in LA around now

and I am pretty sure it was a blond Emma Stone and a few other kid actors we saw going in to a limosine door being held by (I think) this actor George F. Watson who has been popping up in a lot of TV things lately (I see from his imdb page he had a small part in Ironman and he used to be the strong silent guard by Jimmy Smits on West Wing all the time). Couldn't be sure though.

In one take the limo door seemed to get stuck open on the curb after they all got in the limo . Pretty funny! Cool, that they filmed that right out in the open like that.

Meanwhile, another reader also confirms:

that filming yesterday was the new Spiderman movie. Its code name is “Fiona’s Tale” (I read the production sheet). It was such a mob scene. They shoot at that church constantly. LOLA was there last week, with The Defenders across the street at the Talmadge. That intersection is considered one of the city’s great fake New Yorks.

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