Friday, March 18, 2011

Retro Friday: TV, Invented Here in Los Angeles

Here's the first 10 minutes of KTLA's 40th anniversary special, broadcast in 1987. (KTLA did a similar one for its 50th anni in 1997.) In this first clip, KTLA gives a primer on the advent of TV, and gives the reminder (which many forget) that Philo T. Farnsworth perfected the invention right here in Los Angeles, in a non-descript apartment building on New Hampshire Ave. (I wonder if any of the tenants there now even realize that the live in the birthplace of modern TV. Check out a Google Maps photo of the building, via Hidden Los Angeles, here.)

Here's part two of the special:

The special has been cut into 13 parts to fit on YouTube, go there and type in "KTLA" and "1987" to get them all.

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