Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holiday 2011 Arbitron Ratings: Amp Pulls Upset Over KIIS

The Los Angeles area Arbitron ratings for the holiday 2011 period (December 8 - January 4) are out, and no surprise: KOST, which dominates the holidays with its all-Christmas format, is once again a strong #1 (with an 8.5 share of the listening audience and a cume of 4.3 million listeners).

But that's not the big news of the holiday 2011 book. For the first time since CBS Radio flipped its FM Talk 97.1 station in 2009 to top 40 KAMP-FM "Amp Radio," the station (with a 4.5 share) has beat Clear Channel's L.A. top 40 radio titan KIIS-FM (4.0 share).

Even urban KPWR-FM (Power 106) beat KIIS, tying KAMP and AM talker KFI with a 4.5 share as well.

Amp Radio had been creeping up on KIIS for some time. In November, KIIS beat KAMP with a 5.0 share vs. a 3.9 share. But in December, KIIS' lead (4.4) was razor thin over KAMP (4.3).

Meanwhile, with the first year of its own wall-to-wall Christmas music format, KTWV-FM "The Wave" averaged a decent 3.7 share, up from 2.6 in December. KRTH "K-Earth" took a hit, dropping to a 3.2 share as its rivals went all-Christmas.

Despite its leadership, KOST took a bit of a holiday haircut this year, now that it has a rival in The Wave. Its 8.5 share was dominant, but down from 9.3 in holiday 2010 (but still up from an 8.1 share in holiday 2009).

Check out the full Arbitron rankings over at Radio-Info, but keep in mind, as always, that these total listener numbers aren't used to sell the stations' ad time, but are pretty much just for bragging rights.

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