Wednesday, February 08, 2012

99 Cents Only Store Finds: Criss Angel, Fuzzy Handcuffs and "Daddy Ray"

A trip to the 99 Cents Store is like an archeological dig -- except in this case you're searching for bizarre close-out items. A few things spotted during a recent visit:

99 Cents Only store
Kinky, 99 Cents Store! Fuzzy handcuffs.

99 Cents Only store
Sorry Criss Angel, but here's a Mindfreak: Your merchandise has been relegated to closeout status at the 99 Cents store.

99 Cents Only store
"Daddy Ray" -- this unlikely (Amish?) mascot sells fig bars.

99 Cents Only store
Strange: Nutter Butter has packaged its leftover cookie pieces and crumbs, and is selling them in 99 Cents stores.

99 Cents Only store
Scare your vampire pals away with stale candy. Team 99 Cents Store!

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1 comment:

justJENN said...

omg I want those Nutter Butter dregs!

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