Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Green Card TV

This is why I wish I knew Spanish: LA Times reporter Maria Elena Fernandez reports today on the Spanish-language game show "Gana la Verde," which airs locally on Liberman Broadcasting's KRCA/Channel 62.

"Gana la Verde" translates to "Win the Green." As in green card. Yup, contestants are illegal residents, competing in "Fear Factor"-style challenges. The winner lands the services of a set of immigration lawyers, "who for one year work to expedite the residency process," Fernandez reports. No guarantee of landing a green card, however.

She writes:

Producers adhere to a strict format: Six contestants compete in the first round, which involves a difficult and daredevilish physical task. Four semifinalists break bread together over gourmet treats, such as live crabs, scorpions and worms.

The remaining two go head-to-head performing a job, such as towing a car or washing the outside of a 10-story building. The winner is picked up by a limo at the end of the show, presumably to be taken to meet with an immigration lawyer.

"If it's true what they say, that they are helping people get their papers in order, I think that's great," said 25-year-old Luis Sanchez of Los Angeles, who watches the show every night. "I don't think the show can hurt anyone. There are thousands of illegal immigrants, and everybody knows it. I don't think the immigration service is going to go after anyone because they are on the show. There are things we do out of necessity, not because we want to. Eating worms for your papers is one of those things."

Does Fox know about this show?

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