Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tofu or Not Tofu

Most festivals don't live up to the hype... but I'm happy to report that the Tofu Fest was even better than expected.

Maybe that's because it's all about the food. Maria, Evan and I spent several hours this afternoon in Little Tokyo, sampling offerings from several vendors and restaurants, as well as catching some of the event's live entertainment and puchasing a few odds and ends from booths inside the perimeters.

This year's 10th annual Tofu Fest, subtitled "Tofuzilla :When Giant Tofu Takes Over Little Tokyo," continues on Sunday -- capped off by a performance by Ozomatli at 7 p.m. Bring some money and head down there. Admission is $8, but the official Tofu Fest website has a $1 off coupon you can print and take along. Also, food can only be purchased by scrip -- $1 per ticket. Most items take two tickets. We managed to fill our bellies with a total of 13 scrip between the two of us.

Booths offer items such as Soyrizo burritos (with eggs in flour tortilla); Tofu Curry Chili Dogs; Tofu and Wild Mushroom Ragu Open Ravioli; Green Thai Coconut Curry Tofu; Tofu Fried Rice; Tofu Gumbo; Tofu Nuggets; Tofu Tostadas; Cold Tofu Noodles in Wasabi Sauce; Tofu Spaghetti and a lot more. And yes, there are plenty of non-tofu dishes on sale as well.

Some images:

Tofu Curry Chili Dogs, from Curry House restaurant

Fresh Naked Tofu t-shirts

Kultura Philippine Dance Company

Rice balls and the city

Taikoproject (that's Emmie's roommate Bryan on the big drum)

L.A.'s past (the St. Vibiana Cathedral) and present (the hulking new Caltrans building) loom over the Tofu Fest

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