Thursday, April 20, 2006

Delusions of E-Bay Riches

Here's the oddest E-Bay post I've seen in a while: A Los Angeles resident is hoping to make a quick $5,000 (or even $10,000, if people use the "Buy It Now!" function) by selling off an old phone number.

Yup, according to this, the person has had a 310 phone number that ends in "1111" for several years. His willing to part with the catchy number -- for that rather hefty sum:

With just an hour to go last, there hadn't been any bids so far.

And why should there be! Here's a little known fact: When getting a new phone number, you can actually ask AT&T/SBC if your favorite picks are available. Of course, most of them aren't. But they'll actually roll down a roster of numbers that are free-- until you find the one you like. That's how we ended up with a number that ends with the catchy "1010." (Hmm, maybe I can sell that online for a few thousand...)

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