Friday, April 14, 2006

Where's The Party?

Noting that Los Angeles was founded as a pueblo in 1781, my former Variety colleague Ann did some quick math (pretty impressive for a journalist, BTW) and figured out that 2006 marks the city's 225th anniversary. She writes:

A nice, impressive, round number, no? Are there any festivities or anything going on? I haven't heard a peep, and a cursory Googling reveals nothing. This seems like a primo opportunity to party.

I must agree, even though I haven't heard of any celebration (or even recognition) of the date either. I could chalk it up to one of several reasons:

1. Los Angeles doesn't know how to throw a party. Remember New Year's 2000? An embarrassment.

2. Everyone's been too busy to do the math.

3. Perhaps a 225th anniversary isn't impressive enough. Los Angeles did indeed celebrate its bicentennial in 1981, and I'm sure will mark its susquicentennial in 2031.

But let's face it, that's still 25 years away -- and we're all gonna be much older by then. Who wants to wait another two and a half decades to party? I've contacted City Council chair and blogger Eric Garcetti to ask him "where's the 225th L.A. shindig?" and will let you know his reply.

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric Garcetti for his super-prompt reply! He writes:

Hey Mike!

We certainly will be doing our usual celebration on Labor Day, when we re-enact the Walk of the Pobladores from the Mission in San Gabriel to Olvera Street. We always have a party there afterwards. I'll check with Tom LaBonge to see if there is anything beyond that scheduled, but a number of us have certainly been talking about 225 being a good anniversary to celebrate.

Hope you are well. Keep up the good work in the blogosphere!


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