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Monday, December 11, 2006

Like So Much in Los Angeles, The Snow Is Fake Too

Evan got his first taste of snow on Saturday, smack dab in downtown Los Angeles.

L.A. history buffs know that snow has made an occasional visit to our city, usually lightly dusting L.A. during a cold spell. But the snow that hit downtown this weekend was strictly man made.

As part of the annual Pershing Square Winter Holiday Festival, the snow machines worked overtime. Older kids were given snowboards to glide down a slight hill, while younger kids (like Evan) were able to play in a patch of the cold stuff.

Of course, it not really being snow, the stuff was less powdery and more icy. But still, it was the closest Evan had come to snow so far.

The festival itself was excellent -- not too crowded; free entertainment, including a band on one stage and young dancers on another; free pictures; and more. And of course, the ice skating rink, which is ongoing.

Above, a view of the Biltmore hotel from Pershing Square.

And inside the hotel, where decorations and Christmas trees have made the Biltmore a holiday staple.

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