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Friday, May 11, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, #128 in a series

Restaurant: Burma Superstar

Location: 309 Clement (San Francisco)

Type of restaurant: Burmese

We stipulated: In San Francisco for Maria's birthday, I wanted to find some place unique, with great food but still Evan-friendly. I hit Chowhound's San Francisco's boards, typed in "dinner" and "kid-friendly," and out popped Burma Superstar. I checked out their website, and was immediately sold. Funny enough, Maria was doing her own research -- and also came across Burma Superstar!

What they stipulated: No reservations taken -- so you may be waiting. Luckily, the Clement St. district of varied Asian cuisine restaurants is just off the main drag of Geary, making for an easy bus ride from our Union Square-adjacent (!) hotel.

What we ordered: Burma Superstar is especially known for its Tea Leaf Salad -- salad prepared with imported Burmese tea leaves, tomatoes, lettuce, dried shrimp (or vegetarian), fried garlic, sesame seeds, peanuts, and split yellow peas. Above, you see the salad before and after it's mixed.

Also, we ordered the Burmese Style Curry with shrimp, described as the restaurant's specialty curry. And the Nan Pia Dok (coconut Curry Flat flour Noodles) -- flat flour noodles with coconut curry sauce, string beans, split yellow pea, cabbage, and chilies.

High point: The tea leaf salad was really like nothing else we've tasted. The spices are unique, and made for an equally tasty and interesting salad.

Low point: Maria didn't care much for the curry, calling it plain. I liked the curry, but was less impressed with the noodles. We both liked her lychee drink, which was like a lychee mojito.

Overall impression: I'm so glad we made the extra effort to try someplace new, and hop on the bus to get over there. The restaurant is small and slightly cramped, yet it wasn't too intrusive. Evan even behaved the entire dinner, making it an even bigger success.

Chance we will go back:: I could definitely see ourselves returning here the next time we're in San Francisco.

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