Monday, June 11, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, #134 in a series

Restaurant: Lemongrass

Location: 1952 Colorado Blvd. (Eagle Rock)

Type of restaurant: Vietnamese

We stipulated: Eager to try something new -- and close by -- we noticed that Lemongrass had finally opened in Eagle Rock. Like Larkin's (which still isn't open as of this writing), also in Eagle Rock, it took Lemongrass forever to open.

What we ordered: Appetizer (above): Goi Cuon (Spring rolls: steamed shrimp & port wrapped in rice paper with vermicelli, lettuce and mint, served with peanut sauce), $8. Entrees (below): Bun Chai (shreeded tofu, served with clear vermicelli noodle and Asian greens), $8. Com Thit Nuong (steamed rice with charbroiled pork served with coconut chili sauce), $7.

High point: Those prices are decent -- and the steamed rice pork dish was filling. Also, the Ca Phe Sua Da -- the Vietnamese coffee ($3) was strong and refreshing at the same time.

Low point: Still, the decor was off (they had so much time to prep, and yet it feels like a restaurant stuck with decor from 15 years ago). Service spotty.

Overall impression: Overall, mixed. The food is decent. Prices nice. But nothing really impressed us. With so many nouveau Vietnamese joints surrounding us, Lemongrass is spot in the middle. Gingergrass in Silver Lake and Indochine in Atwater Village are better choices. But we'd pick Lemongrass over Eagle Rock's Blue Hen.

Chance we will go back:: Probably not. If we feel like spending more, we'll hit Gingergrass. If we're on a budget, we'll return to Indochine.

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