Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Gripe with LA.com

Eater L.A.'s Lesley Balla recently wrote a critique of her old employer, LA.com, and lamented the site's decline from a hip city guide to just another part of the Daily News machine:

The Daily News has finally wrapped its steely grips around LA.com, turning the sassy website into a flavorless, soulless portal. A cobbler story as the lead dining piece? Ugh. No offense to the writer (Natalie Houghton) or cobbler, which we find delicious. But that isn't the LA.com we knew and loved. Now it's as limp as a leafed-through, grease-stained paper abandoned at the coffee shop.

My criticism is even more specific: They went and eliminated the most useful feature about the site, the restaurant search. Why plenty of city sites include restaurant listings, I always found LA.com's easy to use and rather thorough. Want to find a good lunch spot in Hollywood? Sushi in the Miracle Mile? Several menu clicks, and you'd get a list.

For some reason, the new redesign completely eliminated that restaurant search feature. And with that, my last remaining reason to visit LA.com, I'm afraid.

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