Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, #141 in a series

Restaurant: La Cabanita

Location: 3447 N Verdugo Rd., Glendale (Montrose)

Type of restaurant: Mexican

We stipulated: Exploring northeast Glendale (as we checked out the campus of Glendale Community College), we decided to keep driving north on Verdugo. We hit Montrose around lunchtime... and Maria remembered a friend raving about La Cabanita. It didn't take much convincing; even if the food wasn't going to be great, I could use a margarita.

What we ordered: I ordered the combination plate that included a chicken mole enchilada, a carnitas taco, rice and black beans. Maria got the frijolito enchilada; Evan, the chicken soup. And yes, I got that margarita, rocks and salt.

(Flickr pic by Ilpo's Sojourn.)

High point: First off, what a straight-forward, neighborhoody, awesome place. The chicken mole deep, rich and hearty. The chicken soup, so good that I was stealing bites from my own son. Margarita, a little more average. But overall, the food is well worth driving up to Montrose (not a difficult thing to do if you're in Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park, just hop on the 2. Westsiders, it's still worth the trip). One of the area's better Mexican restaurants.

Low point: The ambience is quite odd -- from the outside, it looks dark and filled with atmosphere. Walk inside, and it's bright and a little less special. But it doesn't matter when you're chowing on that chicken mole enchilada.

Overall impression: La Cabanita, we've lived so close to you for so long, yet it's taken too many years to finally visit. That has changed.

Chance we will go back: Yup, we'll definitely be back again soon.

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