Thursday, December 13, 2007

Help Pick's Grinch of the Year

So far, it looks like it will be a battle between the AMPTP's Nick Counter and the LAUSD (and Superintendent David Brewer). Any one you'd nominate? Go to right now to leave your suggestion.

The site lays down the groundwork:
Basically, we're looking for any individual or group who has impacted a cross section of Los Angeles, or the city as a whole, in any negative way. I don't think more explanation is necessary than that they define "Grinch" or "Scrooge."

Some early suggestions include: AMPTP President Nick Counter (representing the producers side of the WGA strike), the LAPD for its actions during the May Day protests in MacArthur Park, and Jon Kirk Muri, GM of the Dept. of Recreation and Parks, but not opening burned sections of Griffith Park up as fast as some residents would have liked.

Last year's winner, kind of strangely, was City Council critic Zuma Dogg.

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